VR-simulation and visualization

Create business benefits with VR-simulation

VR-simulation and visualization

Create business benefits with VR-simulation

At byBrick you find one of Europe’s leading teams in customized VR-development with over 15-years of experience from creating interactive 3D-applications for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality-devices and WebVR.

VR-simulations for training and sales

Training with VR can go four times faster than traditional e-learning, as a survey by PwC recently proved. Some common uses for VR-training are operational training, security training, service, or assembly. In a digital environment the training is accessible, secure, and measurable.  

For users, the training improves experience and confidence, which minimizes errors and optimizes the workflow before they challenge the everyday situations they have been training for. With VR-equipment available, there is always an opportunity to easily repeat critical situations and procedures in the digital realm. Connected software also enables remote assistance and maintenance.

AR and Mixed Reality to visualize products, flows and processes.

The strengths in Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality become extra clear when visualizing products or solutions in a real-world context, and to demonstrate different configurations or functions. By combining technology with IoT-data we can create real-time visualizations of the data flows in a production site, for example.

As the concept is based on mixing our visual impression of reality with digital elements there is almost no limit to what can be created. Technology is evolving quickly, and eventually we will see these solutions as an obvious part of our everyday life. But as of today, we can quickly benefit greatly from educational visualization.

Why byBrick?

Strategies tailored to your business

We do not sell products – we create products that you can sell, or that helps you to sell your products. Free from license costs or walled platforms, we create tailored solutions for your business based on the latest cross-platform technology, our business understanding and current best practices.  

High quality and fast delivery

We have a dedicated in-house team with extensive experience and a constantly on-going R&D process where we evaluate new solutions and technologies. We do not use sub-contractors which lets us guarantee the best quality and rapid delivery. We are always just a phone call away!

Develop once and use it everywhere

Our approach is focused on the long-term, and to make it possible to reuse the same base visualization for multiple purposes - simulations, videos, interactive product demos or interactive websites for example. If you are a manufacturing business, everything we need is probably already in your designer’s CAD library. Let us maximize its value!

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