PPSim VR - Have you experienced a blackout lately?

Case: VR-simulator for ABB AS

The Process Power Simulator is a software-based simulator of ABB’s world-leading 800xA automation system. ABB offers the simulator to its customers for operator training and to experience simulations of various scenarios and situations.

ABB wanted to use the latest technology to generate interest in the product, among potential customers and future employees.

A realistic VR experience

byBrick Interface first invited the ABB team to a workshop in Oslo to identify opportunities and to come up with ideas how to use VR technology to support needs today and in the future.

To illustrate the importance of simulating real events, ABB decided to create a Virtual Reality experience. In the simulation, the user is faced with a “black out”, where all power in the building is lost. The user must then carry out a series of tasks to solve the problem and have the power up and running again.

A realistic and interactive simulator

The visual experience had to be as realistic as possible. To achieve this, byBrick Interface used a 3D model of ABB’s innovative control-room console EOW-x, which was placed in a modern, fictitious industrial environment.

Inside an interactive VR environment, the user has to go through a series of steps to solve the problem and re-start processes after power loss. The plant is visualized using a hologram to give the user a general understanding of the environment.

The PC-based solution uses Oculus Rift, along with hand controls Oculus Touch, offering the user virtual hands to interact inside the virtual environment.

Attractive and innovative

The simulator was first launched on technology and automation trade shows Scanautomatic and ProcessTeknik in Gothenburg, Sweden, in October 2018. The experience attracted many visitors to ABB’s booth and proved food for innovative thought and dialog.

The VR simulation will be available in the ABB Ability Customer Experience Center Showroom and in ABB’s Co-creation lab.

Watch a video of the experience here:

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