VR simulator for visualization of warehouse management for IMI

How do you effectively showcase an innovative warehouse service at a trade fair? Industri-Matematik faced a common challenge shared by many tech companies – demonstrating a service developed for a specific environment without access to that environment. Industri-Matematik sought an innovative solution to this challenge.


Industri-Matematik wanted to utilize VR simulation to demonstrate an interactive vest worn by warehouse staff to receive and confirm picking orders. With built-in communication technology, the staff receives real-time instructions and confirms received orders via speech synthesis. This allows the staff to be hands-free, freeing both hands for picking.


With the VR solution, Industri-Matematik could bring the warehouse to the trade fair and let visitors test the vest in its actual environment! It provided them with the technical edge they were seeking in presenting the service, especially as the debut was at a recruitment fair. The VR environment we developed not only provided a clear understanding of the service but also portrayed Industri-Matematik as the cutting-edge tech company it is.

Skärmdumpar från den realistiska VR-miljön som visar hur användaren interagerar med västen.

The realistic VR environment demonstrates how users interact with the vest. A voice provides picking orders that the user verbally confirms after retrieving items from the specified location.

VR-headset och tillhörande kontroller.

Mobile, cordless VR solutions are convenient to handle at trade fairs.

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