Test and Quality Assurance

Let’s explore the unknown - together!

Test and Quality Assurance

Let’s explore the unknown - together!

byBrick offers a wide range of testing services in several areas to optimize your needs and requirements. By quickly getting started with test processes, we can minimize the costs for system development projects regardless of the project size, secure early insights and increase the quality of delivery.

We offer:

  • Professional testers
  • Test teams
  • Test automation
  • Process analysis

Professional testers

The new generation of testers are agile and have a technical background, often with development knowledge, and at least a 2-year degree within context-driven testing. They can deliver value in every imaginable project where software is developed - whether it is embedded systems, application development, desktop software, VR or something else.

Test teams

Test team is our high-profile concept that gives you as a client the best testing there is to offer. As a client, you hire a dynamic team which can vary over time as the need for resources changes. We make sure to continuously optimize the team with the right competencies that gives you the best effect and value. As an example, a competence team could consist of people skilled in UX-design, exploratory testing, technical testing, and test automation.

Test automation

Today, test automation is used with several purposes and goals. Let us help you find a way forward based on your needs, whether it’s about automation to build up your regression tests, acceptance tests, performance tests, automatic checks, or tools to support test and development test data, as an example.

Process analysis

Improve your current test process through feedback and suggestions on improvements. By letting us analyze your current state or future test strategy and process, we can from a third-party perspective do a professional evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses.

Performance testing

By measuring capacity, stress tests, soak tests and performance measurements, we ensure that your system is robust and capable of critical load. Preferably, these tests are done in the authentic environment in the cloud. Only then, can we be sure that the users can use the system without delay.

Why byBrick?

Professional testers

We have professional testers – modern testing is not common knowledge. Our testers are passionate about their work, go far beyond writing test cases and make sure to achieve robust and stable products while enabling development to move forward.

Optimized for your needs

Our dedicated in-house team has extensive experience and full focus on our clients and projects. In our constantly on-going R&D process, we evaluate new solutions and technologies. At byBrick we are agnostics to current test tools, and we have no obligations to subcontractors. Therefore, we can always guarantee high quality and speedy delivery. Don’t hesitate to call us, we are only a phone call away!

Agile and realistic

We do agile work and can easily collaborate with agile development teams. We are pragmatic and understand that every client has their own conditions. Some may have limited testing needs and others require more continuous testing – We deliver value in all contexts where quality assurance is necessary.

Test as a managed service

Assign a budget and have quality testing delivered as a service. This service can cover different test competencies and vary in intensity over time. Do seasonal variations, pre-defined release schedules and other circumstances control your need for testing efforts? No problem - we are used to everything!

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