Reliable, secure, and scalable integration


Reliable, secure, and scalable integration

In today’s business world, information is key. Business-critical systems that do not exchange information between each other in real-time may cause loss of income, losing business deals and a deteriorated market position.

byBrick has extensive experience in delivering reliable, secure, and scalable integration solutions. We enjoy working with Microsoft BizTalk Server solutions on-Premise as well as in Microsoft Azure.

Integration in the cloud

Many of our clients are moving their solutions to the cloud. We also help our clients to build up hybrid solutions where information can continue to stay in the organization’s own services, but the solution uses the power and functionality in the services provided by the cloud providers.

The byBrick team also have experience from cloud-based solutions that use Azure Integration Services, such as Logic Apps, Service Bus, API Management, Event Grids and a various other cloud services provided by Microsoft Azure.

Biz Talk Server

Some businesses do not have the opportunity to migrate their information to a cloud service. It may occur that some businesses have made larger investments in existing Biz Talk Service environment, and thus want to get more out of their investment. byBrick have specialized team members in this area who are happy to help, as well as further develop or migrate such environments. Some of our clients also hire us to manage their Biz Talk environments.

Why byBrick?

Mapping provides understanding

We usually start by doing a preliminary study to map out existing systems and the integrations needed to support and facilitate the business. For us, it is important to understand every system involved, the information that is being handled and its functions, to implement and purpose the best solution.

Tailored for your business

Small or large business, it doesn’t matter. At byBrick we help your business with every sort of integration need you may have, and we offer a complete delivery from idea to continuous management.

Cost control

Unfortunately, many businesses are surprised by the costs when they migrated to the cloud. It is easy to set up your cloud in a non-optimal way. During planning and development, we make sure that your cloud becomes as cost-efficient as possible. Design and implementation always go through “best practice” to ensure reliable, secure, and scalable integration solutions.


By following a documented process, we make sure to give our clients insight in every step of the project, from gathering requirements to development, documentation, tests, and deployment.

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