Interface Cases Mobile VR simulator for HIAB

Mobile VR simulator for HIAB


Hiab is a world-leading supplier of truck-based load-handling solutions. The company offers e.g. an extensive range of loader cranes for various sorts of forestry work. Hiab traditionally used simulators to demonstrate their products. Now, they needed more flexibility and an increased reach when marketing their new HiVision crane-control system. They turned to byBrick Interface to develop a license-free, platform-independent solution.


byBrick Interface’s assignment was to help Hiab market its new camera-based crane-control system, HiVision, and to create a simulator experience to be used as sales and marketing tool on trade shows and in sales meetings. The simulator was to be designed in such a way that it could also be used in crane operator training in a scalable way.


byBrick Interface created a platform-independent software-based simulator in a 3D environment that imitates the real world. The desktop simulator is connected to the actual levers of Hiab’s forestry cranes. We also developed a more basic, responsive version of the simulator, designed for use with a mobile VR headset and Bluetooth-based controls for maximum flexibility and spread.

These light-weight simulators are ideal from a sustainability and cost perspective. Instead of bringing the actual crane and related equipment in large containers, byBrick’s simulator product fits into a regular suitcase. This means no additional emissions and no need to take an existing crane out of operation to showcase it.


“The simulators have been a great attraction at our trade shows. We had two simulators running at all times to meet demand. The simulators and the HiVision system make us stand out in a conservative industry. We have been able to position ourselves as a leader at the technology forefront,”, said Christine Adland Holmstrom, Marketing Manager for Loglift och Jonsered Forestry and Recycling Cranes at Hiab.

“Our mobile simulators have proven a valuable sales tool, too, and have been used actively by our sales people. The simulators make it easier to discuss HiVision with the customer, allowing those interested to make a first evaluation of the experience. I even sold simulators to end users, a first for our forestry cranes,” Christine Adland Holmstrom concluded.

Hiab is the world's leading provider of on-road load handling equipment, intelligent services, smart and connected solutions. Hiab's class-leading load handling equipment includes HIAB, EFFER and ARGOS loader cranes, LOGLIFT and JONSERED forestry and recycling cranes, MOFFETT and PRINCETON truck mounted forklifts, MULTILIFT skip loaders and hooklifts, and tail lifts under the ZEPRO, DEL, and WALTCO brands. As the industry pioneer and with a proud 75 year history, Hiab is committed to be the preferred partner and solution provider to its customers and shape the future of intelligent load handling. Hiab is part of Cargotec Corporation.

Erik Stridell Business Developer