Introduction to QIK, a customer-facing service sales configurator

Cut lead-time, secure quality, and dramatically increase your quoting potential!

How do you win the customers trust that you will offer the best possible solution for them?

With a sales configurator for service agreements based on QIK, your service sales team can create a complete service agreement in minutes, tailored to the unique needs of every individual customer.

The result is an effective, proactive, and listening customer facing team, that brings better value both to your customers and for your organization!

What is QIK?

  • An established service quotation solution in daily use by enterprises all over the world
  • Scalable platform that allows for local adaptations
  • Flexible and open architecture that integrates with your digital operational backbone.

Tailored to fit your business

The best value is created when a technical solution is fully tailored to fit a business, not the other way around. Unfortunately, most CPQ platforms are built to fit a wide target group.

When we created QIK, we decided to take a different route. We don’t believe there is a tool that fits everyone.

However, there are basic requirements that every modern sales tool should meet:

Dynamic configuration and built-in benchmarking makes a complex process simple.

No more ”we’ll take this to our team and get back to you”.

With a QIK-based solution, all configuration and pricing take place right there in the customer meeting, without room for error and misunderstanding. This creates security and confidence, and lets your reps shine with their communicational rather than technical skills.

Global portfolio management adapted to every local market

A common challenge in the international enterprise is to allow local variations of your offering while retaining the overview and leadership required to run an efficient global service business. QIK supports localized offerings, currencies, languages and rules right off the shelf.

Configure quotations in collaboration with your customer

There is certainly no lack of options for those who are looking for a competent sales configurator for back-office use. But how would it affect your business if your customers were deeply invested in the proposal creation process? They will gain a complete understanding of what the quote contains, and why. The next customer touchpoint has nothing to do with explaining your proposal.

Collect and aggregate valuable business intelligence

Many companies invest in tech solutions and integrations between their CRMs, their business systems and marketing platforms in search for a 360 degree customer view. But what goes on in the actual sales meeting, and how can you use this unique knowledge about your customers that sit in the heads of your sales reps today?

According to Gartner, sales spend roughly 30% of their time focused on their customers, the rest is lost to other tasks and administration. Does that sound reasonable? With QIK, we try to change this for the better.

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