Product configurator with 3D visualization for Pronomic

Since 1989, Pronomic has been a leading expert in lifting and material handling solutions, focusing on smart material management systems. Their high-quality products and customized solutions optimize customer productivity and enhance efficiency in workflow processes. When Pronomic wanted to revamp its product configurator into a more engaging and modern platform, we helped deliver an innovative solution.


Pronomic faced challenges with its existing product configurator, as it was difficult to distribute and update and only offered basic product visualization capabilities. To create better conditions for sales representatives and resellers, byBrick was tasked with developing a new solution.


After a feasibility study where we, together with Pronomic, identified needs and opportunities, we built a completely new sales tool based on our sales configurator platform, QIK. With the advanced administration tools available in QIK, Pronomic can build and manage its products and control how the configuration is visualized in an interactive 3D model.

Screenshot från produktkonfiguratorn ProBuildr som räknar ut egenskaper som mått och kapacitet i realtid, visar en komplett materialförteckning med priser och genererar offertdokumentation.

The sales tool, named ProBuildr, calculates properties such as dimensions and capacity in real-time, displays a complete material list with prices, and generates quotation documentation.

Skärmdumpar som illustrerar hur produktkonfiguratorn ger omedelbar visuell återkoppling på val av produktspecifikationer.

When selecting a product, the user receives comprehensive product specifications. For example, the need for smaller wheels on a lifting cart to facilitate placement under a warehouse shelf may require a specific model or alternative. The configurator provides immediate visual feedback on these selections.

By offering innovative solutions that promote both sustainability and safety in workplaces across various industries, Pronomic has established itself as a reliable partner.

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