Always available product information with ABB's Hardware Selector

ABB's 800xA is a leading industrial automation system with over 10,000 global installations. The platform combines electrical control, safety, and collaboration tools to enhance workflow processes. When ABB needed a seamless way for its customers to select the right system components, they entrusted us to find an efficient and future-proof solution.


There are high demands for accessible product data, and ABB saw the opportunity to systematically automate the creation and maintenance of datasheets by building a product database for all system components. This would also enable easier selection and comparison of hardware as well as filtering to ensure various requirements and needs are met.


byBrick developed Hardware Selector, a web-based platform that simplifies the selection of the right hardware. In the product database, users can quickly find, compare, and filter components for various applications. It is possible to download PDF summaries for product areas and export detailed datasheets. The platform is powered by our product data hub, enabling ABB to quickly implement changes as the properties of the products evolve.

Smooth product selection management with ABB's Hardware Selector platform. Efficiently selecting system components improves workflow processes.

Here's the process illustrated for choosing a product. First, select the desired product, then easily filter based on your specific needs. Once you're satisfied with the selections, you can export the datasheet for offline storage and easy sharing via PDF in email.

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