Sales tool for Hiab Loader Cranes

Case: Sales tool for Hiab Loader Cranes

Hiab needed a new sales tool to ensure that sales people always have access to the latest version of product information while in the field. One challenge with digital sales tools is that you can’t always expect to have a reliable Internet connection in customer meetings, events or trade shows. The solution must therefore have a smart offline support.

Hiab has a well-developed infrastructure, with the PIM platform inRiver as the main database for its product information, images, videos, documents and brochures. Their website was already connected to the PIM platform, and to make the PIM data accessible to all sales apps, there was a need for a smart cloud solution for importing and synchronizing updated product information. The choice fell on byBrick’s Content Hub, a Microsoft Azure-based hub tailored for sales apps.

Integrate inRiver and Content Hub

byBrick’s assignment was to build the integration between inRiver and Content Hub, as well as design and develop the apps for the iPad and Android platforms.

Apps customized for the sales situation

The apps are built on the Xamarin platform, where byBrick Interface had previously customized a number of components to make the platform as useful as possible in a sales situation. The apps are linked to Hiab’s PIM platform inRiver and continuously synchronize product data.

An appreciated digital sales tool

Hiab’s sales people now have a powerful digital tool where they can show all product information and access all brochures, videos and documents offline. They choose themselves what material to keep online or offline.

They can use the app to send materials to their customers and follow up which parts of their offering attract different customer segments. Because the app is connected to their internal platform, there is no need for additional admin or resources, which is often a problem with apps. The app has proven to be an appreciated sales tool for Hiab’s sales people.

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