Life Cycle Assessment made easy

Maintenance scheduling and risk mitigation made simple

If you offer Life Cycle Assessments as a service to your customers, they will benefit by better uptime, maintenance planning and risk mitigation. As will you, of course.

Our concept for creating Life Cycle Assessments makes the process controlled and simple, while making sure that your installed base data is updated as needed.

Simple steps

  • Map the equipment at the customer site
  • Collect, add and amend information to your installed base data
  • Generate maintenance schedule proposal and add custom service events
  • Prepare and send LCA report

Map the site

Typically, equipment is mapped based on their physical location and their operational role. Depending on your master data quality, we can use equipment ID or serial number to auto fill other information relevant to the assessment.

We can also instantly determine their Life Cycle Status based on the rules you set up, from active to discontinued.

Refine the data

Make sure the input data is up to date in dialogue with your customer and form a better understanding of the equipment criticality and workload.

Use this information to fine tune the proposed maintenance schedule and plan any equipment upgrades or replacements with minimal impact on the ongoing operations.

Deliver report

The assessment forms the action plan going forward, and the full report can be finalized in the tool. Meanwhile, the newly acquired information about the customer state is fed back to your internal systems.

Configure parts to include, recommendations and materials to be attached and share it with customers by PDF document generation or in digital form.

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