3D-animations visualizing the effects of drugs on cancer cells

Oncopeptides is a Swedish biotech company focused on medications for challenging cancer diseases. With its product melflufen, the company provides support for patients with multiple myeloma, a malignant tumor disease that originates in the bone marrow. We created an animation illustrating the drug's impact on cancer cells.


Oncopeptides produced a corporate video to describe, among other things, the commercialization of melflufen, a substance developed by the company for the treatment of adult patients with multiple myeloma. A crucial part of the video was to scientifically visualize and describe the substance's function in cancer cells.


With a detailed 3D animation, we visualized how melflufen rapidly and selectively delivers cytotoxins into cancer cells. By comparing it with conventional substances, one can observe that melflufen accumulates in larger quantities in the cancer cell, enhancing the treatment effect.

A significant accumulation of cytotoxins in a human cell gives melflufen a high treatment effect.

Animation illustrating the benefits of Oncopeptides' cancer drug melflufen.

Close-up showcasing the high level of detail in the 3D illustrations.

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