3D animated videos that explains how to use medical Instruments

Miris is a global leader in enabling the analysis of breast milk in neonatal care for premature infants. With Miris's flagship product, Miris HMA® (Human Milk Analyzer), healthcare professionals can measure energy, fat, carbohydrates, and protein content in breast milk within minutes, enabling tailored nutrition for infants in neonatal care units worldwide.


Tailored nutrition is crucial for the optimalgrowth and development of premature infants, and Miris HMA® is an essentialinstrument for use in neonatal care. However, healthcare personnel use manydifferent medical devices in their work, so to ensure that Miris HMA® is usedcorrectly, we were tasked with supplementing the written manuals with easy-to-understandinstructional video guides.


To meet the needs of healthcare professionals,we produced two longer 3D animated guides for the installation and operation ofMiris HMA®, which are primarily used to introduce new users to the instrument.We also created several concise informational videos that healthcare personnelcan use to review how specific tasks should be performed.

As with all medical instruments, correcthandling of Miris HMA® is important. To make new users get an overview of theentire analysis process and feel confident in handling the instrument, wedeveloped a 3D animation that demonstrates and explains the process from startto finish.

3D-animerade guider med steg-för-steg-anvisningar för att ge användarna möjlighet att enkelt friska upp sitt minne hur om hur de olika momenten ska genomföras.

It was important for Miris to make it easy forusers to review tasks that are not performed daily. We created several 3Danimated guides with step-by-step instructions to allow users to easily refreshtheir memory on how to perform the various tasks.

As anexample, proper cleaning of CPG and filters is important for the instrument andthe results of the analysis. The standalone video guide for this task helps theuser quickly and easily see how the cleaning should be done.

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