3D animations of PreOmics innovative products.

The field of proteomics is about mapping the human proteome, i.e., the set of proteins in our bodies. PreOmics is a leading company in this expanding segment, providing solutions for preparing samples for mass spectrometry. We created 3D animations to clearly and comprehensively describe three key products of the company.


PreOmics needed an educational description of its main product, iST, a ready-to-use kit containing all the reagents and consumables required to prepare protein and peptide samples for mass spectrometry. They also wanted to visualize two of their instruments that simplify and speed up the use of the iST kit while eliminating human error and the risk of mistakes.


We developed 3D animations for each of the products. The first visualizes the iST kit itself – showcasing both the simplicity of its packaging and a step-by-step description of its use and results. The other two 3D animations describe the advantages of the PreOn and BeatBox instruments, both used to simplify and automate the preparation of samples.

3D animation demonstrating how to use the PreOn instrument to automate the sample preparation for mass spectrometry.

PreOmics iST kit is used to prepare protein samples.

PreOmics needed a visual solution to communicate and explain its 3-step method clearly to potential customers.

PreOmics product offerings and applications.

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