Customizable checklist tool for service inspections

A service inspection process that works

Wouldn’t it be great if all your inspection checklists, gathering of input, and professional reporting were all included in a simple workflow? Well, that sounds a lot like our Checklist Tool.

Fully customizable and extendable, it can handle tailored checklists for every scenario as well as product data collection on site. It works online and offline on any device, and even lets the customer sign-off directly on the screen.

Key features

  • Well-established technical platform
  • Works offline + both for tablets and PC
  • Attach images from device camera
  • PDF report creation
  • Data centralization sets the scene for deeper analysis
  • Simple scale-up as needed


Set up or connect to existing customer and site data and take the opportunity to collect valuable installed base data on-site. The user interface can be tailored to fit your needs and is designed to work on tablets.


Set up standard inspection types, that can be adjusted and extended whenever needed. Step through checklist, lock/unlock different sections and add comments, photos, and custom information along the way. The platform supports many options for layout and information, and you can include instructions, drawings, and default data to guide your service engineers.


Once the inspection is finished, final comments and documentation is added, and stakeholders can sign-off directly on the device screen. Inspection finished - data collected, and report ready to send!

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