Boost your sales with upgrades and replacements

Customers come to you for advice on how to optimize their operations. How can you make sure your reps know all the options, and have the skills and confidence to pick the best one?

Collect the expertise and best practice that only your top product and application experts can provide. With our platform for product replacement and upgrades configurators, you can place this knowledge in the hands of your customer-facing reps, empowering them with powerful consultative abilities.

What it does

  • Upgrade and replacement recommendations based on the customer’s installed base
  • Pick options to compare on product level, or configure systems and solutions
  • Instantly see the impact of different replacement options


Start by defining the products or systems to upgrade. This can be a combination of different types of equipment where some will benefit more than others from replacement with more recent products.


Based on the customer’s business priorities, the tool will recommend different options for replacements and upgrades. The user can simply flip through the possibilities and instantly see comparisons and performance benchmarking.


Select the replacement scheme that suits the customer best and compile the best options into a report which highlights the performance benefits, cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Ready to replace your sales process?

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