Workshop - Leading Digital Transformation

An important key to achieving success through the digital transformation is to involve important co-workers and stakeholders. For this reason, our WORKSHOP has become an appreciated method for understanding the current situation of an organization in order to consider the different waves of change that are coming, take position and shape a common plan.


6 steps to a plan for digital transformation

  • A digital maturity test
  • Mapping of the current state
  • Prioritized waves of change
  • Overarching strategy
  • Digital destination
  • A plan for transformation


We help you setting the framework for your digital transformation

Most successful projects that we run are started by one or more workshops to involve important co-workers and stakeholders.The certification of byBrick Management in  "The Digital Transformation Framework" by DigJourney combined with our experience in facilitating and leading workshops form the basis for supporting you in your work with strengthening the ability of the organization to adapt to and transform into the new digital era.


These workshops form the foundation for your transformation plan and your journey ahead.

Your plan starts here:

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