Do you know which decisions, activities and projects will have the greatest impact on your business performance?

What you need is a new solution for integrated portfolio management

byBrick SPOT (Single Point of Truth) is a leading portfolio management solution that integrates an organization’s strategic initiatives and objectives with its IT project, application and technology portfolios. This creates transparency and makes it possible to make smarter and more business-oriented decisions.

It is a flexible and scalable solution based on MooD, a world-leading software platform used to manage complexity and change, which also offers performance analyses throughout the life cycle of your portfolios.

byBrick SPOT is a service-based solution that – in the hands of our experienced consultants using our well-proven methods and models – delivers strong business value and results for many Scandinavian companies. Our customers are found in many different industries, both in the public and private sector.

Creating a better transparency between business and IT

byBrick SPOT links your strategic business objectives and initiatives to your project, applications and technology portfolios.

Understanding how your business strategies relate to investments and projects and how they affect the life cycle of your projects, applications and technologies helps to better plan and prioritize investments and activities in line with your business objectives.

This improves transparency and cooperation and allows you to improve your company’s performance. The solution also supports decision-making on all levels by providing insights that visualize those parts of your business that generate the best business results.

byBrick SPOT gives your company a common view and provides transparency – a Single Point of Truth.

Do you need more control of your processes? Please contact us and we will give you a demo and tell you how your solution can be designed.