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Kissflow is the leading platform for automated digital process work

byBrick is the first certified partner in Sweden of the digital transformation platform Kissflow, which seamlessly combines different tasks, projects and processes. By using Kissflow, you can save time and work more efficiently in all areas of the organization's business.
Kissflow is a platform currently used by over 10,000 companies in 160 countries for their business processes.
Kissflow allows users to create their various apps without the need for coding or programming. With the platform, your company can save time and resources by having an integrated system that talks to each other between different business areas, projects and processes.
Through a cloud-based system, Kissflow enables manual tasks, which today take place in silos in many businesses, can now be integrated, which is cost-saving and efficient.


Kissflow integrates the technology and changes the customer experience and provides the opportunity for collaboration and bridging between the departments in the business, thereby increasing the opportunity to collaborate agile and innovatively. In this way, processes and other workflows are consolidated through coordination, joint control and cooperation.

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  • Minimize unstructured manual work - Digitize your business processes and automate tasks and activities
  • Get control of all cases - collaborate digitally to solve problems and incidents faster
  • Quickly and easily build your own custom applications with "drag and drop" without having to code or program

Contact us and we can tell you more about how you can learn more about what Kissflow can do for your business.