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Service Delivery 

  • Challenges:
  • Our operational decisions do not harmonize with our policy and our strategy
  • We do not have the skills required to handle our processes
  • Our tools do not support our processes
  • We do not have a clear connection between service cost and price

The basis of providing value to companies and customers is to provide a dependable, consistent and suitable delivery. This is based on a solid operative model and clear and supportive financial governance, all based on clearly defined policies.

Supplying services is best done through processes. It is important that the processes are efficient, not only how they are documented and taught, but also through access to relevant, scalable and appropriate tool support. An important factor in securing a dependable service delivery is the access to educated and competent personnel with the right values and frame of mind. Sometimes it is necessary to employ extra resources to take the load of existing personnel or to handle extraordinary tasks.

Major changes in the service- and application portfolio must be handled through a project that is adapted to the common project model of the organization.

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Mats Hultman Senior Management Consultant