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Portfolio Management


  • Too many different applications that seem to support similar business processes
  • Difficulty in changing or decommissioning old systems
  • No clear visibility of the economic, planning, usage or presentation status of the complete project
  • Complicated and time-wasting handling in excel and PowerPoint of the portfolios at the CIO-office

The business uses many applications to efficiently manage its activities. A lot of these applications are old and may be outdated. In the present application landscape, understanding the need, consequence and the best success for application-related investments or rationalization activities becomes more and more difficult.

In the same way, when multiple projects are running with their corresponding IT-systems, the overview over financial investments, performance, resource utilization and possible bottlenecks or conflicts are often very difficult to present in a perspicuous way to enable even simple decisions.

A portfolio management tool enables transparency of applications, projects and other defined portfolios in a clear and simple way. Based on the defined relations between key parameters that are connected to the project, application, business unit, web site, customer or other filters, the portfolio management tool visualizes parameters relations and combined decision points in a flexible and scalable way.

Mats Hultman Senior Management Consultant