• Our services will not correspond to the market needs in a nearby future.
  • Our way of thinking is not customer-oriented.
  • We are having a hard time understanding the customers' requirements.
  • We need help to be prepared to take the step from delivering a product to delivering services.

The ability to innovate is central today to move up the value chain or even maintain your position in the market. Service innovation contains mechanisms to change your position to delivering services in addition to, or in place of products, and the changes you need to present in order to continually improve your offer so that you can keep fulfilling the market demands.

This is closely related to the service strategy. Through measurements and reward schemes, your organization will be able to develop into a quality-driven service delivery organization.

The adaptation of a customer - and service-oriented culture in your organization requires knowledge of service management, service production and the effect that culture has on the delivered service quality.

Addressing the cultural development required to make your organization capable of service delivery starts with implementing tools and methods to measure and understand the values that drive your organization, and the ones that you need in order to reach your vision and strategic goals.

Mats Hultman Senior Management Consultant