Governance modell


  • There is no clear structure for responsibilities and mandates
  • Management instructions and messages are not being forwarded throughout the organization.
  • There is a limited amount of information available for arguing for or against a decision
  • We are missing clear guidance to what really is important


All decisions made by a service supplier need to be based on thorough principles for governance. For internal shared-service organizations (such as IT- or HR departments), these must be incorporated into the company governance.

For external service suppliers, principles for the internal governance from the legal, market and cultural aspects apply. These principles form a framework for governance that needs to be established in the organization

The rules for governance and policies need to be adapted in all levels of governance, as they define where decisions that are made, how responsibilities and areas of responsibility are divided into the organization. In the end, these governance principles become important tools that support quick and accurate decisions.

Mats Hultman Senior Management Consultant