GDPR Privacy by Design

Our model comprises various points of view that need to be aligned

Legal. What are the consequences of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, how do GDPR-fulfillment and other legal requirements interact, how are the new terms interpreted in our business?

 Information management that creates guidelines for classification and handling of data, personal data included, need to be handled by the business process.

The business must decide on the need for and use of personal data

 IT systems and services that provide technical solutions for the handling of personal data.

 The organization that will implement the business processes and take responsibility for all information management, that needs a culture that enables adherence to law and defends the rights of the individual

The individual that needs to be able to provide consent to collection, handling and storing of personal data.

The plan for adapting of these aspects before the law is applicable.



The law on handling personal data underwent a big change on the 25th of May 2018. Many companies find that it is complex and resource-intensive to stay compliant over time.

To simplify your understanding and the process for you as CEO, management team, IT-responsible, project manager, system developer amongst others we have collected all important aspects to be aware of into a perspicuous model. byBrick tailors education, support and change management in all of these aspects in order to make your GDPR journey as smooth as possible.

Mats Hultman Senior Management Consultant