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Cultural Change


  • Our employees are disengaged
  • Our transformation journey is not supported by our employees
  • Our way of working is no longer what is expected by the customers
  • we are struggling to meet the quality requirements of the customer

An important part of succeeding with the digital transformation, and maybe go from being a product-oriented company to a service supplier, is the adaptation of a customer- and service-oriented culture in your organization. For you to succeed, members of the organization need to understand and want to change.

In addition, it is certain that no cultural change can be achieved without clear core values for the individuals in the organization, and to assess their needs, especially regarding their working environment. Tools for cultural change are available to guide industry leaders and organization managers for becoming self-aware in their leadership and help them reach new potentials with their colleagues and employees, Success is closely linked to commitment and drive of the co-workers in the business. Their positive energy will ensure that the customers are taken care of the best way possible

To work to ensure a culture where co-workers want to, can, understand and are allowed to take part in the change may expose the need of changing the management and the governing principles that are currently in place, based on new performance goals and reward schemes.




Mats Hultman Senior Management Consultant