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Service Strategy


  • Do we have a clear and value-driven vision and Strategy?  
  • Do we know our market space and its associated needs?  
  • We experience difficulties to steer and drive decisions on the choice of our service
  • Do we have a holistic approach when developing services?

A consistent Service Strategy is imperative when driving the right decisions on the portfolio of services and to maintain the ability to develop services with a holistic approach. Service Strategy requires a service maturity at the level of the organisations executive management being convinced that delivering services requires a unique view on customer orientation.

 A strategy is the foundation of investment decisions. Services, as a vehicle for delivering value to your customers, are a dynamic set of limited resources and capabilities, cooperate and interact in a coherent service portfolio. This requires governance, based on the business service strategy as  it is reflects the market needs and which steers the service design so that a holistic approach is taken when developing new services or service improvements.

 Businesses require a documentation of the needs the market space has, and a vehicle to manage the investments on the proposed and existing services as well as a capability to design holistically.

Mats Hultman CEO byBrick Management
Jessica Laos Sales Director