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Service Innovation


  • Our services are not addressing the needs of the market  
  • Our mind-set is inward and not customer focused  
  • We have difficulty understanding the customer’s quality requirements  
  • We are not motivated to delivering services

The ability to innovate is a key element to move up the value chain. Service innovation incorporates the mechanisms to transforming your organisation to delivering services in addition to or instead of products and the changes you need to introduce to continually improve your service offering so that you can continue to meet the market demands.

This is closely related to the service strategy. Introducing management controls, such as measurements and reward systems will enable your organisation to be directed to quality driven service delivery.

 The adaptation of a customer and service oriented culture in your organisation is founded in the knowledge about service management, service production and the affect the culture has on the delivered service quality

 Addressing the cultural development needed to innovate your organisation towards a quality service provider starts at implementing the tools and methods to measure and understand the values that drive your organisation, as well as those that you need to reach your vision and strategic goals.

Mats Hultman CEO byBrick Management
Jessica Laos Sales Director