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Service Delivery


  • Our operational decisions are not consistent with policy and strategy  
  • We do not have the skills needed to manage processes  
  • Our tools are not supporting our processes  
  • We have no direct link between service costs and price

The basis for providing value to the business and customers is by providing a reliable, consistent and adequate service delivery. This is often founded in a sound operational model and clear and supportive financial management, based on clear defined policies.

 Providing services is best done via processes. Imperative for processes to be effective is not only the documentation, education and absorbation of these processes in the organisation, but also the availability of relevant, scalable and associated tool support. An important factor in ensuring reliable service delivery is the availability of skilled and competent personnel.  Sometimes this needs to be acquired or hired, to relieve the workforce or to manage a specific task.

 Changes, especially larger ones, in the service and application portfolio, the organisation or the delivery model need to be managed through projects which must align to the organisation’s common project model.

Mats Hultman CEO byBrick Management
Jessica Laos Sales Director