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Service Culture


  • Our employee satisfaction rates are low, despite our efforts to improve  
  • Our management of Change is not supported by our employees  
  • Our way of working is not fit for delivering services  
  • We struggle meeting the customers quality demands

A key element of becoming a world-class service provider is the adaptation of a customer and service oriented culture in your organisation. This is founded in the knowledge about service management, service production and the affect the culture has on the delivered service quality.

 Additionally, it is a given that no culture change can be obtained without addressing the core values for the individuals in the organisation, as well as assessing their needs, specifically in relation to their work environment. Cultural Transformation Tools are available to guide business and organisation leaders to becoming self-conscious in their leadership and help them to reach new potential with their colleagues and employees. Business success depends heavily on the commitment, engagement and drive within the people that form the business. Their positive energy will ensure the customers are taken care of.

 Embracing a service oriented culture may reveal the need to change the management and governing principles that are currently in use, based on new performance indicators and rewarding schemes.

Mats Hultman CEO byBrick Management
Jessica Laos Sales Director