• There is no clear structure on accountability and mandate
  • The management guidance is not transmitted thoughout the organisation
  • There is limited information available to argue for or against decisions
  • We lack clear guidance on what is really important

All decisions for a Service provider need to be based on thorough Governance principles. For internal shared service organisations (like IT or HR departments) these need to be incorporated in the Business governance.

For external service providers, proprietary governance principles are guiding, based on legal, market and cultural aspects. These principles forma governance framework that needs to be established in the organisation.

 Understanding the mechanisms of governance and policies needs to be aligned within all management layers, as they define where which decisions are taken, how responsibilties and accountabilities are divided within the organsiation.

 Ultimately, governance principles become real tools for swift decisions when they are accompanied by policies and guidelines.

Mats Hultman CEO byBrick Management
Jessica Laos Sales Director