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Enterprise Architecture


  • We are just competing on price, we need to get ahead of the curve again.  
  • Our customer’s needs, desires and expectations are changing faster than our offerings.  
  • How do we manage our application portfolio to meet the challenges of the business?

Enterprise Architecture is the practice of analyzing, modelling and defining a framework for the successful development and execution of the business strategy.

Though this effort has traditionally focused on detailed technical architecture, a higher impact on the organization is achieved when work is done discovering future business models, understanding customer requirements and considering the forces and trends that effect your business.

 Executing a business strategy requires a set of business capabilities. Applying the Pace Layered Framework to the business capabilities map and associated processes and process outcomes helps an organization discover how frequently major changes are required. The Application Portfolio can then be managed in a way which either drives efficiency or supports the innovations required to support high-frequency changes.

Mats Hultman CEO byBrick Management
Jessica Laos Sales Director