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byBrick 360° concept

We help you transform your business into a more competitive and efficient organization through improved service offerings. Through a 360° perspective, you’re able to make the right strategic investment decisions from a business perspective.


byBrick Management 360° are a comprehensive approach to Service Management, Business Transformation and Cultural Development. From Strategy definition, through Service Innovation and Delivery and Culture Development we help you to secure and improve your business.

All enabled by efficient and adapted Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio Management, Governance and Value Based Management of your business, assets and personnel.

We offer you leverage in all these areas through both our extensive and long experience and our unique blueprints, templates and transformation tools. They give you the opportunity to benefit from best practices and our experiences from other organisations.

Service Strategy

A consistent Service Strategy is imperative when driving the right decisions on the portfolio of services and to maintain the ability to develop services with a holistic approach. Service Strategy requires a service maturity at the level of the organisations executive management being convinced that delivering services requires a unique view on customer orientation.

Service Innovation

The ability to innovate is a key element to move up the value chain. Service innovation incorporates the mechanisms to transforming your organisation to delivering services in addition to or instead of products and the changes you need to introduce to continually improve your service offering so that you can continue to meet the market demands.

Service Culture

A key element of becoming a world-class service provider is the adaptation of a customer and service oriented culture in your organisation. This is founded in the knowledge about service management, service production and the affect the culture has on the delivered service quality.

Service Delivery

The basis for providing value to the business and customers is by providing a reliable, consistent and adequate service delivery. This is often founded in a sound operational model and clear and supportive financial management, based on clear defined policies.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is the practice of analysing, modelling and defining a framework for the successful development and execution of the business strategy. Though this effort has traditionally focused on detailed technical architecture, a higher impact on the organization is achieved when work is done discovering future business models, understanding customer requirements and considering the forces and trends that effect your business.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management enables a thorough and complete visibility of applications, projects and other defined portfolios in a clear and simple manner. That helps the organisation to understand the need, consequence and ultimate success of portfolio related investments or rationalization activities.

Service Governance

All decisions for a Service provider need to be based on thorough Governance principles. For internal shared service organisations (like IT or HR departments) these need to be incorporated in the Business governance. For external service providers, proprietary governance principles are guiding, based on legal, market and cultural aspects. These principles form a governance framework that needs to be established in the organisation.

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