Virtual Reality-simulators

Effective training with light mobile VR simulators

By using the latest Virtual Reality-technology our simulators offer a completely immersive experience perfectly suited for training customers and employees. Instead of experiencing a training scenario through the screen you can now enter and interact with a simulated world set up around your product.

Training and education through our simulators can take place at a fraction of the cost compared to the competition's industrial simulators. Our connected simulator software also makes remote support and maintenance possible.

As our simulators are light and portable you can easily pack a simulator into a flight case and carry with you on your travels to training events or trade shows.


  • Possible to use your own specific controllers and steering to create an experience as lifelike as possible.
  • Simple scale-up with more content and more users
  • Possible to remotely supervise operator training
  • Multiple simultaneous users (multi player-functionality)
  • Possible to tailor for specific needs


  • More knowledge and time for trainees to get acquainted with the product
  • Trainers can train more people at a lower cost
  • Support and logistics at a fraction of the cost compared to competitor's industrial simulators
  • Lightweight, flexible and portable
Erik Stridell Business Developer