Real estate development visualization in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality as a real estate development sales tool

With a visualization solution from byBrick Interface based on Virtual Reality, you can take your customers on a tour of apartments and houses before they are built. The tool offers a truly realistic experience and your customers will never forget their first visit to their new home.

Imagine entering a property before the building process has even started. Experience every room. Look at the interior design from different angles and really get a feeling of your new home. We dare to say that once you have experienced this in Virtual Reality, there is no going back.

As a real estate agent you will guide the customer all the way through the virtual tour and keep them updated about what they are experiencing. It's all about improving the impression and helping the customer to a quicker purchase decision.

100% mobile VR

With the latest technology from Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, our display tools are completely mobile and cordless. All that is needed is one or more VR headsets and a tablet to control them.

  • Show items before they exist

  • Compare options and interior variants

  • Make the customer safe in their choices

  • Give a realistic idea of ​​the construction plan and layout

  • More can watch at the same time

Benefits of mobile VR tours

On your tablet you will see what your customers see and can guide them through the experience.

With a few touches, you can change the interior for e.g. wall colors and floor.

The customer can look around at 360 degrees and really experience how it feels like standing in the room.


The entire VR package; a tablet and one or more headsets will fit into a small bag.

No wires or connections, not even WiFi needed. Just start the app and go!

The Samsung Gear VR headset is adjustable so it fits all customers.

Erik Stridell Business Developer