Interface Services Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Increase your visibility in the market with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Unique experiences for your customers

Are you looking for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality companies? byBrick Interface offers unique high end experiences in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. With over 13 years of experience in developing interactive 3D applications, we are one of Europe's leading providers of marketing, sales and training solutions in VR and AR.

Our customers appreciate that we use the latest technology, are platform-independent and completely free from license costs. They value that we have a great understanding of their business and that we create tailored interactive experiences for each customer that position their brand in the forefront of the digital transformation.

VR and AR as sales tools

Our solutions are especially well suited if your product is too big or too small to bring to sales meetings or tradeshows. Or, if you have a product that is not built yet – for instance a real estate development project.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are effective marketing and sales tools because people never forget how you made them feel.

Benefits of our VR and AR solutions

Saving both environment and money

A product demonstration in Virtual Reality instead of taking equipment out of production gives both cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

You can pack our solutions quick and easy into a bag and carry with you wherever you want to go in the world.


Develop once, use everywhere

We can reuse the same visualization for different purposes in any kind of solutions such as simulators, apps, sales tools, marketing, employee training and interactive web pages.

The same applications can be used on existing and future hardware platforms. We make sure that our solutions always support the latest technologies.


High quality and short delivery times

We have a dedicated and experienced inhouse team focusing on getting your solution to the market fast.

We have no subcontractors and can therefore guarantee high quality and fast delivery. And the best part - we're never more than a phone call away!


Erik Stridell Business Developer