Presentation and selection

Catch your customer's interest with digital sales tools

A good salesperson always has answers to the questions concerning the customer's specific situation. But because of people's digital behavior, your customers are more well informed than ever before when you are making your sales visit. Having the support of a user-friendly digital tool can be invaluable during the time you actually spend with the customer.

However, the use of digital sales tools in the field poses some challenges. It is important that all information is updated and that the tools can be used fully even if there is no Internet connection and if a sales situation occurs when you least expect it.

We offer both tailor made and proven standard digital solutions that simplify and streamline everyday life for your sales reps.

Product catalogs

We build customized product apps that keep your sales people in sync with the latest sales information and material, and can communicate with your digital backbone systems, such as PIM platforms like inRiver and CRM systems like Salesforce.

Product demonstrators

With smart and interactive 3D technology packaged in an app, you can bring all your products to all sales meetings. Replace complex charts and illustrations with a digital solution that shows how it actually works, in a simple and clear way.

Content Hub: product information on-demand in the cloud

Our own cloud solution Content Hub is based on Microsoft's Azure technologies and was built to capture and distribute the data required to solve the bottlenecks in your sales process.

By making it easy to collect and integrate your product information and sales material with the customer data created during the sales process, we can let your sales tools and systems share information with each other to enable maximum digital benefits.

Through standard interfaces, it can connect to your existing systems and feed your external product information on the web, in sales tools and custom applications.

Erik Stridell Business Developer
Håkan Gill CEO byBrick Interface