Configuration and quotation

Always be ready to quote

Since 2012, byBrick has developed QiK - a configuration and quoting platform specially tailored for the needs of the field sales rep. QiK is a mobile sales tool that enables your sales people to configure and quote your entire offering of products and services, in minutes.

Our goal is to make our customers more efficient, proactive and make it easier to respond to their customer’s requirements. According to Gartner, the average sales rep spends only about 30% of their time with customers. The rest goes to administration. Does that sound like good business?

With QiK, we try to change this. The Qik platform offers:

  • Built in Sales process - Increase quality in the customer meeting
  • Dynamic Configuration engine - Make the complex easy for the sales reps
  • Collaborative approach - Configure and quote the products together with the customer
  • Cut the lead time - More customer face-time, less administration

QiK is based on modern web technologies and has full offline support.

Erik Stridell Business Developer
Håkan Gill CEO byBrick Interface