Comparison and argumentation

Help your customers to make the right decisions

How do you convince your customers that it is the right decision to buy what you sell? Even sales of market-leading products need to be substantiated with the right reasoning to reach a purchase decision. And if the person you get to meet with cannot make the purchase decision on their own, you need to provide them with as much support material as possible to be able to present it internally.

A common way in B2B is to help the customer calculate their investment using Return on Investments (ROI) or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculators. It is sometimes crucial to give the possibility to compare and provide the customer with the right basis for making a well-informed investment decision. ByBrick Interface has long experience in developing these kind of digital tools, that can be used as a basis for discussion during and after your meetings.

However great your calculations may look in Excel, it's an inconvenient way to launch and distribute investment calculations as a proofing method. Instead, give your sales team a self-updating solution that creates stunning and informative reports, providing data-driven traceability and customer insights in return.

Erik Stridell Business Developer
Håkan Gill CEO byBrick Interface