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Looking to improve your aftermarket bottom line? 

Boosting your business models using powerful tailored applications for aftermarket and service will open new revenue streams far beyond consumables and service engineering hours.

For the past 15 years, we have worked with industry leaders to improve their service business with innovative new digital approaches to solve old problems and clear bottlenecks.

We would love to help you too.

 A unique sales configurator for Service Agreements

The only interest of your customer is to have their products and processes running smoothly, and they only want to pay for what brings value. This is why they need their service agreements tailored to their unique operations.

How can you standardize your service portfolio worldwide and still enable local flavors in your offering? How do you win the customer's trust in that you are offering the best possible solution for them?

QIK is a customer-facing service sales configurator that cuts lead-time, secures quality, and dramatically increases your quoting potential!

Sell more service agreements

Replacement and upgrade configurator

The customer's interest is often focused on optimizing their operations and prevent down time. It is important to empower your engineers and sales reps with abilities to be proactive in these discussions.

With our configurator platform for product upgrades and replacements, they have a powerful way to enhance their consultative abilities. With the customer, they will configure and discuss the best possible hardware and software upgrades to extend the product life time and show alternative replacement solutions.

Not only will this help boosting your sales, it also builds trust in that you only want what's best for your customers.

Boost your replacement sales

Checklist Tool for service inspections

Wouldn’t it be great if all your audits, installations, inspections, gathering of input and also professional reporting were all included in a simple workflow? Well, that sounds a lot like our Checklist Tool.

Fully customizable and extendable, it can handle tailored checklists for sites, systems and applications as well as additional product or operational information collection while spending time on site. It works online and offline and even lets the customer complete their sign-off on the device.

Supercharge your service inspections


Life Cycle Assessment made easy

If you offer life cycle assessments as a service to your customers, they will benefit by better uptime, maintenance planning and risk mitigation. As will you, of course.

Our concept and workflow for Life Cycle Assessments makes the process controlled and simple, while making sure that the maintenance plans and criticality status stay updated for all your customer's products. The powerful PDF reporting features will be highly appreciated by both your users and your customers.

Check out our LCA reporting tool


Erik Stridell Business Developer
Håkan Gill CEO byBrick Interface