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We develop your communication strategy

Relevant communication that makes real difference for your brand


Only relevant communication gives real effect. If it does not convey the correct message and values, it doesn’t matter how good it is. And communication can only make a difference if channel selection is customized by message and audience. Therefore, we make careful analysis of who to reach out to, what to say to them and how to reach them most effectively. 

Do you already have a communication platform? Have you previously done any kind of communication strategy work? Then we can use your foundation and we only need to verify that the conditions still apply, or challenge and develop if necessary.


As we develop your communication strategy, we need your help. You know your own business best.

The greater the commitment you can invest, the more effective the strategy becomes - and the more accurate and profit-generating becomes the communication.

A communication strategy is extra important when doing a focused effort, such as a campaign. We deliver the communication strategy in the form of a presentation or written report.

Dennis Sköld Creative/Art Director