3D animation and visualization

3D animation for marketing, sales and training

As technology gets better and better, the difference between reality and computer generated content is being blurred. Our team at byBrick Interface use the same techniques as Hollywood and the gaming industry to create animations, and apply the knowledge to create exceptional experiences for our customers.

3D animation is an efficient marketing tool to create interest and explain something that is complex. 3D animation is also well suited for training customers and employees. The more difficult the product or process is to understand, the stronger the reason to use animation.

Use 3D animation

  • For product launches when you don’t have access to a finished product.

  • When you need to thoroughly explain and visualize a feature or a function.

  • When it is impossible to capture what you want to convey in reality, for example, if the product is too small or too large to handle.

  • When you want to create the conditions for further developing the content into an interactive experience in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.