Web development

With our feet on the ground and our hearts in the cloud

We develop modern web solutions based on .NET and Microsoft Azure. Using an iterative work model as the foundation, and a team with long experience in solving problems together, we can build everything from customized solutions for business critical systems to interactive web solutions.

In order to ensure the best possible user experience, it is important for us to involve our UX team all the way through the development process. In this way we never lose sight of the goal, even when we are looking far down into the details.


A transparent way of working


We strongly believe in letting our customers work in close collaboration with us all the way. Through frequent reconciliation, a transparent work process and an always making test versions available during development, we make sure that all surprises are positive and that we always do the right things.



Lotta Lindberg COO & Project Manager
Erik Stridell Business Developer