Cross platform app development

Experienced and customer focused developers

Our primary focus is on app development using Microsoft's Xamarin platform, which provides an unbeatable combination of platform independence, reusable code, performance, and future-proof technology.

We deliver both enterprise solutions and customer-focused apps for distribution in the platforms' public app stores, where we can take care of the entire chain from conceptual idea to worldwide launch.


Experienced specialists

With our long experience, we have seen most challenges before. Over the years this has resulted in a library of our own unique components and infrastructure developed in-house, that enables us to deliver cost effective projects with proven stability.

Many of our customer need apps that work everywhere, even with no or limited network connectivity. This has made us specialize on solutions that work offline, using intelligence to update and synchronize local data. 

Powered by Xamarin

Based on Microsoft's Xamarin technology, we create code that can be shared across the iOS, Android and Windows platforms. This enables an efficient work process that makes it possible for our customers to offer the same user experience to all of their customers, regardless of which platform they are using, and to save money on maintenance and future development.

Thanks to our previous experience from developing native solutions for iOS and Android, we also have the capabiliyies to create unique platform specific adaptations and components if needed.



Development in close collaboration

Our customers value that we understand their business and their challenges, and that they can have a close dialogue and collaboration with our development team over the complete project life cycle.

Erik Stridell Business Developer
Lotta Lindberg COO & Project Manager