Interface Cases VR product demo for Ozonetech

VR product demo for Ozonetech


Ozonetech uses ozone to disinfect environments where there is a stringent need for cleanliness and environmental friendliness, such as certain production facilities and food processing plants. One challenge was to demonstrate how the product works and how ozone will flow in a plant environment. Ozonetech needed a smart, easy and interactive way to show the product to its customers – and turned to byBrick Interface for a solution.


byBrick Interface’s assignment was to build a Virtual Reality experience in which the user can experience Ozonetech products being used – a so-called VR product demo.


We created a virtual reality environment in a brewery, where the user can walk around and interact with Ozonetech’s products. Inside the environment, the user can click on a touch screen, start the product and see how ozone flows out of different parts of the plant.The environment is created in Unity, which is built for Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch, where users can use their fingers to push buttons and activate flows. The environment includes sounds and real touch interfaces so that the user can click around in the actual menu, just as in the real world. The experience is extremely interactive and very close to real life, which gives the user a fair picture of the actual product.


Ozonetech built a showroom at their head office based on the VR product demo. This makes it easier to demonstrate and explain the product for customers or other interested parties. In addition, Ozonetech uses the VR environment as a sales tool on trade shows and events.

Ozonetech Systems är ett svenskt företag med verksamhet grundat i början av 1990-talet. De utvecklar och säljer produkter som bygger på unik ozongenereringsteknik som renar, desinficerar och tar bort lukt från luft och vatten.

Erik Stridell Business Developer
Håkan Gill CEO byBrick Interface