Interface Cases US launch campaign for Miris

Introducing the Miris brand to the US medtech market


Miris offers advanced equipment for analysis of human milk for premature babies. It is the first company to receive FDA approval for an instrument for human milk analysis, a major breakthrough and proof of quality for the instrument. However, Miris is relatively unknown outside Europe and using the instrument may require new routines in milk banks and hospitals.


byBrick Interface was assigned to develop a strategy and produce marketing content for launching Miris in North America, both online and on trade shows. Key to success was to convince a conservative industry of the benefits of analyzing human milk using a method called Target Fortification.


We carried out a target group analysis and then produced marketing content for purchased and organic publication. Video interviews with leading experts were marketed under the concept “Miris Interviews”. We re-designed Miris’s website to rank higher on Google for selected search phrases around prematurity. We set up a dedicated studio for video conferencing to allow Miris’s employees to perform product demonstrations directly from their headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden. For Miris’s participation at the PAS trade show in Baltimore, we design their booth, delivered printed matter, and prepared and hosted a launch event with mingle and panel discussions led by a native U.S. moderator.


Frequent, consistent postings in social media have resulted in a dramatically increase of the number of followers and sharings. It has extended Miris’s target group and improved its possibilities to influence how best to use Target Fortification in neonatal care. The interview videos increased traffic to Miris’s website and the average visiting time increased by 300%, resulting in increased sales and more requests for quote.

At the heart of Miris is a committed team of experts sharing a common mission to give newborns the best possible start in life. We constantly nurture our traits and skills to explore new pathways improving neonatal care and the area of individualized nutrition.

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