Interface Cases Sales-driven website to Sordin

Sales-driven website for Sordin


Sordin is a world-leading manufacturer of personal protection equipment “above the neck”. Its main focus is on hearing protection and visors for e.g. mining, building and construction, hunting and military applications.
The company was in for a dramatic change when shifting from being a supplier to OEM clients to marketing and selling under its own brand to resellers. This change called for a new product-focused website and a facelift of the branding and corporate identity.


byBrick Interface’s assignment was to design and develop Sordin’s new website to make the product range more attractive to potential new resellers. We were also asked to review the company’s logotype and corporate identity as well as recommend a new product packaging to make the range even more accessible. The web platform had to be developed fast, while being future proof and scalable.


To meet Sordin’s demands, we recommended a new web platform based on our packaged offering to product companies.
The solution is based on Piranha CMS, which uses open source code. The website is therefore easy to revise and Sordin are not locked in with a specific supplier. Thanks to a user-friendly management interface, Sordin are today able to manage their entire website themselves.
Sordin’s product range was given a more distinct categorization and new product pages were made using byBrick Interface’s product database Pike. The new solution made it easy to manage all products on the website, and the same data can be used to create e.g. apps and product folders.
Parallel to the web design, byBrick’s design team worked with Sordin’s branding, messaging and digital corporate identity and produced a new logotype to boost the brand in digital channels.


Sordin was offered a flexible, full-scale solution that is easy to keep updated with any information that needs to be communicated to suppliers and customers. The new corporate identity and the website were both received well, and web editors appreciate the flexibility and easy management.
Sordin’s brand is today more distinctly presented and its products are easily and logically structured according to the principle “everything in its place”.

Sordin är en global leverantör med mer än 30 års erfarenhet av att utveckla, tillverka och sälja personlig skyddsutrustning för skydd ovanför halsen.

Erik Stridell Business Developer
Johan Ekholm Project Manager