Interface Cases IoT solution for connected batteries

IoT solution for connected batteries


NorthStar is a world-leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative batteries and power solutions for e.g. telecom, UPS and vehicles. The company strives towards environmental leadership. NorthStar has previously developed monitoring equipment which comes integrated into their batteries to check their condition and performance.


To further develop and modernize its batteries’ monitoring capabilities, NorthStar made a pre-study together with byBrick Interface to investigate the customer benefits of the information provided by the batteries. The idea of NorthStar ACE™ was born – an integrated solution that combines Bluetooth communication and IoT.

Besides the pre-study, byBrick Interface also delivered the technical solution together with Tele2 IoT, RTE, WSI and EIA.


The innovative NorthStar ACE™ (Advanced Connected Energy) is an online energy storage solution. Using NorthStar ACE™, the customer can receive both historical and real-time data, locally via a smartphone app communicating directly with the batteries, or remotely via a cloud service.

“It’s been great fun to develop the solution from concept and UX design through to application development. The true challenge is not connecting stuff to the Internet, it’s creating value of all existing data in a user-friendly way. That’s our strength at byBrick Interface,” 
said Elin Sjöström, Project Manager at byBrick Interface.


NorthStar ACE™ offers customers a real-time overview of their batteries’ status, as well as improved security for personnel during installation and maintenance. It has also helped to increase battery lifetime, saving both money and the environment.

“It’s been challenging and rewarding to maximize our two companies’ unique competencies in a joint venture. The result is user friendly and professional. A solution close to the user is exactly right today,” 
said Per Werin, Market Manager, NorthStar Group.

NorthStar är världsledande inom design, tillverkning och implementering av ett innovativt sortiment av batterier och kraftlösningar.

Lotta Lindberg COO & Project Manager
Erik Stridell Business Developer