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IoT app for Mälarenergi

IoT app for Mälarenergi: Control your indoor climate using your smartphone


Owned by Västerås municipality, Mälarenergi provides a range of core community products and services including energy, water and broadband. With more and more services delivered online, Mälarenergi saw the opportunity to add the value of their customers’ heat exchangers, which are connected to the city network. The online connection makes it possible to remotely control the heat exchangers and collect data.
Danfoss, the supplier of the heat exchanger control system, had previously delivered a more basic web interface, which could be used to manage various heat exchanger settings. However, Mälarenenergi wanted to make the functionality more readily available by offering an easy-to-use service in the form of a smartphone app.


byBrick Interface’s assignment was to define the functionality of the IoT app in cooperation with Mälarenergi and Danfoss. Our assignment also included developing the technical specification, UX, UI and the app for Mälarenergi’s link to Danfoss’s APIs. A task well in line with byBrick’s focus and expertise in IoT and smart apps.


We developed an IoT app called Climate control, which is available for iOS and Android units. The app allows users to control their heat exchanger/district heating substation instead of using the slightly less user friendly control unit. All Mälarenergi customers signing the company’s Smart service agreement is offered this smart technical solution.
Climate control lets you control your heat exchanger – and thus also your indoor climate – directly from your smartphone, even when you’re not at home. You can, for example, change the indoor temperature, monitor flows and energy use, receive alerts, and set vacation mode and reduced night-time temperature.

The result

Download the app using the links below.



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Erik Stridell Business Developer
Lotta Lindberg COO & Project Manager