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IoT app for Inficon


Inficon is a leading provider of innovative instrumentation, sensor technology and advanced process control. The products help to improve the productivity and quality of sophisticated industrial vacuum processes. The company’s range includes world-leading instruments for gas analysis, measurement and control.

One of the products, IRwin® Methane Leak Detector, is used to detect gas leaks. Previously, all measurement data used to be stored inside the product and had to be downloaded via USB. It often required two operators, one operating the instrument and the other running GIS software on a computer to monitor the measurement procedure.


Inficon’s requested a direct communication system between the product and mobile units, e.g. Windows 10 tablets or smartphones. This would allow the unit to be carried in a backpack instead of at the front, allowing measurement to be completed using only one operator whose hands are freed up for his/her mobile unit.

byBrick Interface was assigned to create an IoT app that connects wirelessly to the unit so that it can be remotely controlled from the computer to collect measurement data. In the first phase, a Windows 10 app was developed which the user can run in parallel with the GIS software and see all measured values, manage alarms, etc.


byBrick Interface decided to base the app on the development frameworks Xamarin and Xamarin Forms to make it possible to launch and maintain the solution cost-effectively for different types of units.

Since before it was possible to connect the product via Bluetooth 2.0 for wireless communication. This connection was now used to read the data current from the unit and visualize it in the Windows app. It is also possible to connect to IRwin via cable.


The app has now been launched for Microsoft Windows 10, which makes it possible to run on compatible laptops, smartphones and tablets. Future versions are planned for other types of mobile units.

INFICON är en ledande leverantör av innovativ instrumentering, sensorteknik och avancerad processtyrning som förbättrar produktivitet och kvalitet i sofistikerade industriella vakuumprocesser. Deras sortiment innefattar världsledande instrument för gasanalys, mätning och kontroll.

Erik Stridell Business Developer
Lotta Lindberg COO & Project Manager