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Digital user manual for ABB’s YuMi robot


ABB Robotics wanted to sell its YuMi robot as a packaged solution that is easy to set up and use e.g. at universities but also for partners wishing to present YuMi. Most important was to reach out to the university target group to demonstrate the many opportunities offered by YuMi.
YuMi comes delivered in a neat box on wheels. All the customer has to do is open the box, take out the robot, plug it in and start using it. Thanks to this packaged solution, the robot is up and running in only 5–10 minutes.

To easily instruct users how to get started, ABB wanted to include some sort of digital training and instruction material with the robot package.


byBrick Interface’s assignment was to create an interactive digital user manual (e-book) containing text, 3D animations and videos with stepwise instructions how to get started using YuMi. The assignment also included developing general guidelines for e-book production since this was the first production of its kind at ABB.


byBrick Interface helped ABB to structure, layout, design, film, 3D animate and image add the new YuMi e-book. A main focus was on video branding, as the e-book had to comply with ABB’s new brand guidelines.

The manual describes different ways to control YuMi using a downloadable app, where the user can point and click to program the robot’s movements. It also shows how to store step-by-step instructions for future use.

The e-book will be distributed together with the YuMi package. The material is also very usable for internal use, e.g. to set up YuMi fast at trade shows.

“It’s fun to work with customers such as ABB Robotics and Niclas Larsson, who are bold enough to try new ways to communicate and distribute their products. It was also cool to work with YuMi, the next-generation robot that will be working side by side to us humans in future,”
said Johan Ekholm, project manager at byBrick Interface.


The result is a user-friendly, scalable and visually appealing e-book that has received positive internal response at ABB, and is nowadays being distributed along with YuMi.

“What I’ve showed my colleges so far has been highly appreciated. I’ve worked a lot with byBrick Interface and there’s always a fun and easygoing atmosphere there. byBrick have a wide offer so we were able to order the complete solution from only one provider – from media production to digital marketing. I’m very pleased with the result and especially the movies that were really good,”
said Niclas Larsson, Global Training Coordinator, ABB Robotics.

ABB är pionjär inom banbrytande teknik och styr industriell digitalisering mot framtiden. Innovation står främst i allt de gör och mycket av den teknik som driver det moderna samhället har utvecklats av ABB. Med en historia som spänner över mer än 130 år är ABB verksamt i mer än 100 länder och sysselsätter cirka 136.000 personer.

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